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I hope everyone enjoys it. In case your wondering, this is starting a few weeks before the Yule Ball in Harry's forth year. Harry won't be any stronger than he is in cannon, however, I feel it is worth noting Harry is very powerful, he just only fires stunners or "Expeliarmus." Let me. The night of the Yule Ball found Harry waiting in the Entrance Hall waiting for Daphne. Their dance lessons had been awkward at first. She went through a lot of essence of Murtlap for toes he'd stepped on repeatedly. She'd thankfully been a good sport about it, but threatened to hex him if he kept apologizing.

"Good evening milady" Harry said with his best medieval accent. "Good evening milord" she said back with a flirty smile. After about 30 minutes of waiting, McGonagall came in. "The Yule Ball will be starting now, and you will be heading out momentarily to start the first dance." They entered the hall in a line. Chapter 7: The Yule Ball. Harry shifted and swept his hand through his hair for the umpteenth time that hour. It was impossible to explain exactly why the dance was so important to him, but he saw it as a chance to prove himself to Daphne. Listing a one-shot feels like cheating, but we're not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to complete Harry/Daphne fanfics. Besides, Dancing in the Green clocks at a respectable 35k words, depicting Harry going to the Yule Ball with Daphne, and following.

Many girls ask Harry to choose them as his date for the Yule ball, but he chooses the one that surprised him the most, eventually finding much more than he could initially hope for. [Harry, Daphne. Harry shot Daphne a look and she just laughed, "Alright over here please," McGonagall said ushering them over to the other champions. Harry and Daphne both smiled widely at the other champions, Fleur had somehow gotten Bill Weasley here as he was standing there in dress robes of a dark forest green, and Fleur was wearing a stunning silver dress. Read The Happy Harry Harem from the story The Yule Ball: The Remake by Rihaan Rihaan Shimomura with 4,578 reads. yule, potter, granger. Daphne Greengrass was.

Follow/Fav A Champion's New Hope. By: Rocag. The only comforting fact he had found was that Daphne seemed to want to go to the Yule Ball with him, even if other things might make that impossible. Harry did not see Daphne at all during the next day. The Harmony Ball: What would have happened if on the way back to his common room after been rejected by Cho for a date to the Yule Ball, Harry realizes there is another witch he would be just as happy to attend the ball with. Yes She's a Girl: What if the lead up to the. Encounters After the Yule Ball By: Sheltie I don’t own Harry Potter at all A/N: okay this takes place after the Yule Ball. Harry gets lucky, very lucky with some girls after the ball. I know I could put this in my HBG series, but decided to making its own story instead. Warning this is an M rated story.

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