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Vintage Henry Disston and Sons miter box and saw, made of wood and metal, handsaw has brown wood handle, in good condition for its age, stamp on the side. Woodworking Hand Tools Woodworking Shop Door Headboards Vintage Tools Power Tools Tools Woodworking Tools Electrical Tools. More information. Saved by. Find great deals on eBay for vintage disston miter saws. Shop with confidence.

Disston Medallion Study. While I have never been a proponent of attempting to date any tool by a single feature, I have been receiving an increasing amount of inquiries about the age of various saws. I decided to look at my entire collection, and document every known variation of main saw medallions. For instance, a 4" x 28" Disston back saw would be a No. 4 Disston, and not a designated "mitre box saw", because Stanley didn't make a box designed for that size saw. But a 5" by 28" saw, with no clear legible etch, might be either one, because Stanley did make a box designed for that size saw.

28/01/2017 · No Disston backsaws have etches in my 1906 hammacker-Schlemmer catalogue, unless they had the H&S etch which they sold at a premium. I’ve personally never seen a saw from before 1918 with an etch in the wild, or one after Disston sold to Porter with a.</plaintext></p> <p>Disston. Henry Disston began making saws in Philadelphia in 1840. The 7 was the company's most succesful saw - Image: eBay. As his business grew, he invested in its future by founding the enormous Keystone Saw Works in 1850. From this point on the company was the biggest saw maker in the world, right up until the mid-1950s. Vintage Disston Saws Vintage Henry Disston & Sons Saws, including 2-man crosscut saws, tenon saws, "Compact 1874" hand saws, back saws, and other antique Disston saws at competitive prices, with fresh bargains daily!</p> <p>Very Rare H & C Disston Saw SKU:g9925 $ 165.00 View details. Add to Wishlist. Add to cart. Very Rare Disston 69 Jeweler’s Saw Brass Back 6", First Ever I Have Fered For Sale. SKU:8055 $ 185.00 View details. Add to Wishlist. Add to cart. Very Nice Key Hole Saw With Engraved Maker But Not Readable. Saws and Saw Sharpening Tools For Sale. DISSTON MITRE BOX SAW, 30 inch, 11 ppi. Blade height is 6-inches - a big one. DISSTON NO. 3D SAW VISE, Missing the saw-filing jig. A very heavy-duty vise that clamps on the edge of the bench. 12 1/2-inch jaws with a cam-locking mechanism. De-rusting and Warranted superior saws Today for my daily one hour of shop time, decided that I would work on combating our arch rival nemesis of tools, rust! Now that I can walk around the garage floor, I thought it would be a good place to work since de. Shop eBay for great deals on Disston Back Saw. You'll find new or used products in Disston Back Saw on eBay. 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