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16/01/2019 · GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti FE GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti FE GPU: NVIDIA TITAN V OS: Microsoft Windows 10 10.0 Home 64-bit - Version 1809/RS5 17763.195 SW: blender-2.79b-windows64 SW: blender-2.80.0. Tile size vs rendering speed. In Blender Cycles tile size settings control how the camera viewport is subdiveded into smaller chunks, these smaller "views" of the scene are then dispatched to the compute devices CUDA GPU, OpenCL GPU, CPU. Let's say we want a render a 1920x1080 image using our GPU - we know the a tile size of 256x256 is good for GPU rendering, but take a look at a 1080p image divided into 256x256 blocks: Notice the long an narrow tiles along the top and right edges of the image.

3d/vfx professor writes: Most Blender artists are using the official release only and they are used to set higher tiles for faster GPU rendering. Usually by using the Auto Tile Size addon. This is still necessary in 2.79b. But in the 2.79.5 daily builds there are significant improvements to support optimized hybrid rendering with CPURead More. 06/11/2019 · A lot of Blender artists maybe still using 2.79 and they are used to set higher tiles for faster GPU rendering. Usually by using the Auto Tile Size addon. This is still necessary in 2.79b for optimized GPU rendering. But in the. Hi, there is not an optimal tile size, it depends on several settings of the scene. Even more when you have two or more different cards. If you set 256x256 you have not the best but suitable render times. Check out Auto Tile Size addon > Addons > Render, it is not perfect but makes live a lot easier. Cheers, mib. Thank you for the advice. I’ve started using blender cycles for my animations and I read the article on how to speed up rendering in cycles. One tip was to switch to the GPU instead of the CPU for rending. However, my CPU renders about 8 tiles or so at one time whereas my GPU only renders 1 tile at a time. Got CUDA rendering working, made a huge mistake on Tile size self.blender submitted 4 years ago by Anenome5 So I just got a new GPU, pulled out one of my best models to play with CUDA rendering, wanted to take it for a spin, so I cranked up the resolution and quality and light bounces and figured I'd set the tile size to a more manageable 16x16.

Using a larger tile size than the rendering size should usually not improve render times. I guess that explains why your 2048 vs 4096 test gives almost identical results. The information about the optimal tile size eg. power of 2 varies too. In my case i set it to 640x240 for best results in blender. When i render an Animation, Blender most of the time only uses 1% of my GPU performance. I guess rendering would be much faster if Blender would use more, so how can you tell Blender to use more of. 15/12/2017 · Besides changing your hardware, adjusting the tile size is the single best way of making your Cycles rendering faster without sacrificing quality. In this demo, I test how both the CPU and the GPU react to changes in the Tile Size settings in Blender.

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